What you need to clean at the end of your tenancy?

Published: 06/07/2018

When you leave your rented property at the end of your tenancy, you must leave it in the same condition as the day you moved in.

The easiest way to make sure everything is clean and tidy, is to make a list. Start with each room and list what needs to be done. Check it off as you finish each job.

The Kitchen

Start with cupboards and drawers. Empty them out give them a good clean. Before you put the contents back, check them off your inventory if you have one. Make a note of anything that’s missing so that it can be replaced before you leave.

Next clean the oven, the fridge, the freezer and the microwave. Look at the seals on the doors and make sure they are in good condition. Do inside and out and don’t forget the tops. Next make the washing machine and the dryer are clean and the dishwasher. Check the filters to make sure there isn’t any accumulated dirt. After that check any small electrical items that you might have such as a toaster or a kettle.

Leave the floor until last. Give the floor a hoover taking care to get rid of all the dirt in the corners. Finish off with a good mop.

The Lounge

Dust the furniture and make sure there are no stains on any tables or units. Clean the blinds or the curtains. Remove cushions from the sofa and chairs. Give it them a good hoover and then replace the cushions remembering to plump them up. Dust any ornaments and put any remote controls back where they belong. Renew the batteries if you need to. If you have a wooden floor give it a hoover and then go over it lightly with a mop. Carpets will need hoovering and cleaning. You can hire a carpet cleaner for this job.

The Bedrooms

Dust any furniture and hoover the mattress. Clean any blinds or curtains. Hoover the floor and remember to do under the bed. Empty out drawers and wardrobes and make sure they are clean inside and out.

The Bathrooms

Remove any water stains or limescale. Clean and polish the tiles. Clean the bath, basin and toilet. Polish the taps and mirrors and dust the towel rail and radiator. If you have a shower door check for streaks after you’ve cleaned it.  


Dust and clean all light fittings and switches. Don’t forget any lights that are outside. Replace any bulbs that aren’t working.

Doors and Windows

Wipe down all internal and external doors and polish handles. Keep an eye out for finger marks. Remember to dust the tops and the sides of the doors as well. Clean every window in the property including the frame and the window sills.


A shed or a garage will need to be emptied and cleaned. Remove all weeds and leaves from the garden and clean up the pathways. Check that all hedges and borders are trimmed.

Once you’ve finished take some photographs so that you can compare them with the photo’s you took when you moved in. If you don’t have time to give the property a thorough clean have a look on line for a cleaning company that will do it for you.