What renters want and where they’re looking

Published: 06/12/2017

London has gone through vast changes in the last twenty or, so years and many run-down areas have been brought back to life with regeneration.

This has brought in a new wave of people looking to rent from the private sector in gentrified neighbourhoods that were once ignored by young professionals.

Access to transport has improved tremendously in the last few years and work is still being carried out to provide commuters with better tube and rail connections. Uber too has changed the way people use taxis to travel between work, home and leisure commitments.

This now means that there are some renters who traditionally tried to find housing close to work, schools or transport and are now much more willing to look a little farther afield. They are now more concerned about the type of home they are going to live in rather than the area.

Young professionals are keen to make the most of gardens, parking spaces and quality fixtures and fittings and they are putting location slightly further down the scale. This is because they know that with a smart phone app they are easily able to look for transport solutions and, so they can make their money go further by choosing an area that might be a longer commute or a little further from local schools.
Here’s a snapshot of some of the best areas young professionals can find good quality rental properties:


Putney has bus, rail and tube connections. 2-bedroomed properties are popular here, followed by 1 and 3-bedroomed rentals. Prices start at around £300 a week for an apartment and can rise to £1,200 a week for a house. Putney has a number of Ofsted good and outstanding primary schools. It’s also a place with plenty of green spaces.


Battersea is served by bus tube and rail connections which are being improved with work now being carried out to extend the Northern Line into Battersea. Like Putney, 2-bedroomed properties are more popular followed by 3-bedroomed properties. Rentals start at around £300 per week for a small flat and rising to £1450 for larger properties. There are Ofsted rated good and outstanding primary schools and Battersea Park is a popular 200-acre green space.


Clapham has trains, buses and 3 tube stations, so it’s well connected. The most popular properties are 2 bedroomed and they start at around £450 a week, with 3-bedroomed properties rising to around £600. Ofsted outstanding and good primary schools in the area. Clapham of course, is well known for the common which covers 220 acres of land.


Fulham has bus and underground links into and out of central London. 2 bedroomed properties have an average rental price of £275 a week for a small studio property, with average rental prices at £750 a week. Hammersmith and Fulham have a number of Ofsted good and exceptional schools. There are also plenty of green spaces and parks for young children.