The New Band Rating for Rented Properties from April 2018

Published: 15/03/2018

If you’re a tenant in a rented property, then you should have a valid Energy Performance Certificate. An Energy Performance Certificate tells you how energy efficient your home is, and it comes in the form of a graph with ratings from A to G. A is the most energy efficient and G is the least.

From this April (2018) all rented property must have a minimum energy rating of E. This means if you are living in a property with a rating of F or G your landlord or your letting agent should be in contact with you. This is to make sure that any necessary changes are carried out so that your energy efficiency rating improves.

There are several ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Any improvements to your energy rating will of course help you to pay less for your utilities and your landlord will be looking at the following.

Loft Insulation

Loft insulation stops the heat in your home from escaping through the roof. Insulation should be at least 270mm thick. If you already have insulation it might need topping up to the recommended depth.


Non-energy efficient bulbs should be changed to LED lighting which is a fast and affordable way to increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Doors and Windows

Placing new seals on doors and windows will help to stop warm air escaping and cold air coming in to your home.


Installing a thermostat or Thermostatic radiator valves will improve efficiency. If you have an old boiler it may well need replacing with a newer more efficient model.

Your current EPC will also give you an estimate of how much your bills would be with energy efficient improvements and there is also a useful summary of the energy performance of the features in your home. This includes the walls, the roof and heating and lighting. By studying the EPC your landlord will be able to gauge where best to make changes.

If a landlord does not comply with the new rules they could face a fine of up to £4,000 and a landlord without an EPC can be fined £200. Your landlord can get financial help to carry out the work from an energy company.

The new law also affects properties which are empty and hoping to attract new tenants. The property cannot be rented out until the Energy Performance Certificate shows a Band E energy rating.