Take the Stress Out of Moving Day with our Packing Tips

Published: 29/08/2017

Moving is exciting but it can be stressful, especially when it comes down to packing. Whether you live in a small or a large home you can beat that overwhelmed feeling if you get organised within plenty of time. Here are some tips to help you.
Before you start packing make sure you’ve got everything you need. There’s nothing more frustrating than setting time aside to do a job and then having to stop because you’ve run out of tape or bubble wrap.
Try and find sturdy boxes, or better still buy them. You can get moving boxes online in various sizes and strengths. You’ll also need:
• Strong tape
• Newspaper
• Bubble wrap or polystyrene filler
• Labels
• A couple of marker pens.
• Plastic bags for small items
Making Lists
Now, make a list of the items that are in each room. Then calculate how many boxes you’ll need for that room. Number your boxes and write the number down on the list by each item you back. That way when you’re looking for something and you’ve got 3 or 4 boxes, you’ll know what you want is, for example, in box number 2.
Packing Breakables
First of all, line your boxes with newspaper and then use bubble wrap to protect breakables. If you have any small parts, screws or bolts that have come off items of furniture put these in plastic bags. You can either use ties or zip lock bags to seal them. Don’t make the box too heavy because that will increase the risk of it being dropped. You can seal boxes with breakables with special red tape which has fragile written on it, or you can write it clearly on the boxes yourself using a red marker pen.
Flat Packed Furniture
If you’re moving and you have bought new flat packed furniture or you have taken apart assembled flat packed furniture, put the parts and the instructions together in one box so that everything you need is in the same place.
Keep all your important documents in a file and make sure it is left out. As well as your solicitor's telephone number, it should include the name of your insurers and an emergency number for a plumber, an electrician and a locksmith in the area you are moving into. That way if you have any mishaps when you arrive at your new home you know where to get the numbers of local tradesmen.

The Useful Box
Make up a box that goes with you rather than with the removal company or the man in a van. Put things in it like paper plates and cups, knives and forks, powdered milk, sugar, tea and coffee and your kettle. You could also add a tea towel, a cigarette lighter and a couple of candles and a bottle opener if you plan to celebrate as soon as you arrive.
If you have children you can give them backpacks with their favourite toys, some colouring pencils, a book or their tablet. Add some snacks and something to drink. Make up a box with nightwear and toothbrushes for both you and your children. Include nappies and wipes if you have a baby and a spare dummy, in case one gets lost in transit.