Renting To Pet Owners

Published: 15/05/2019

There are many tenants looking for homes around the UK who really struggle to find a place to live, purely due to the fact that they own a pet!

Landlords can be hard to find that will accept them for three main reasons:

  • Potential damage to the property
  • Unpleasant smells
  • Possibility of a flea infestation
Most tenants with pets, particularly those with dogs, will have had a hard time finding somewhere to live, so will be keen to impress you. Many will bring you references and information about their pet to reassure you and some people might even volunteer to have the property professionally cleaned themselves at the end of the let.

In reality, most pet owners think of their furry friends as members of the family and look after them and their environment very well. They also tend to stay longer in properties, because it’s so difficult to find a pet-friendly home that’s right for them, which minimises the risk of void periods and reduces tenant changeover costs for landlords.

Have a think about putting these in place before you say yes to the tenancy:

  • Get a reference from a previous landlord
  • Meet the pet in question to make sure that it is suitable for your property.
  • Take an extra security deposit to cover any cost of cleaning or damage.
  • Ask for their vet’s information and details of the pet’s last vaccinations, plus any flea and worming treatments.