Moving Out Of Your Rental Property

Published: 12/02/2019

You are in the last few months of your tenancy agreement and it’s time to start thinking about moving out. You may have decided to move to a new rented property or it’s time to get on the property ladder but either way it’s time to start thinking about leaving your current home! It’s best to be organised and have a plan for things that you will need to do, here are some of our top tips and things to remember at this time:

Pack in plenty of time – Don’t leave packing until the day you move out because it can take a lot longer than you think. It’s amazing how much ‘stuff’ you can accumulate in cupboards around your home! A good idea is to label all your boxes, so you know what’s inside, this will make it easier when unpacking at your new home. If you have more than you can move with your own transport, then this will require the services of a removal firm. Ring around the month before you move out and get some quotes to find the best price and book them in.

Cleaning – Nobody wants to do it, but it’s important when you hand the keys back to your rental property that you are leaving it as clean and tidy as you found it. In the stress of moving home, places often forgotten about by tenants. Have you checked the state of the oven, white goods and lightshades? Also, once you have everything out, check around the property before you leave and check your tenancy agreement to see if there are any specific terms on how the property should be left. For example, some agents require carpets to be professionally cleaned before new tenants arrive.

Garden – This is something that often get overlooked. The garden also needs to be left in the same condition you found it. Ensure you give the grass a cut and pull out any weeds. If you had any summer parties there may still be rubbish or bottle tops lying around, so dispose of any waste and make sure any garden tools or mowers are left behind for the next tenant.

Cancel your standing order for your monthly rent – I’m sure you will but do remember to cancel your standing order for your monthly rent in advance. Remember that by law, your landlord must agree to pay your deposit into one of the three government backed protection schemes when you become their tenant.

Check the inventory – You will have been provided with a detailed inventory at the beginning of your tenancy, so you should revert back to it and ensure all items remain in the property. Go through and tick off these items yourself before the landlords arrives for check out so that you know where everything is and the condition it is in.

Mail – Redirect your mail so that it will be received at your new address. You can’t be sure the next tenant will forward it on.

Final bills – It’s important to take a picture of your meter readings when you leave the property, so you know exactly how much gas and electricity to pay for when you inform your utility providers. You should also ensure your council tax is up to date and check if you are due a refund.

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