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Renting To Pet Owners

By Webdadi Ltd published on 15/05/2019  

There are many tenants looking for homes around the UK who really struggle to find a place to live, purely due to the fact that they own a pet!Landlords can be hard to find that will accept them for three main reasons:Potential damage to the propertyUnpleasant smellsPossibility of a flea infestationMost tenants with pets, particularly those with dogs, will have had a hard time finding somewhere to Tags: Renting, Pets

Changing A Tenancy Agreement

By Webdadi Ltd published on 23/04/2019  

Once a tenancy agreement has been signed this cannot usually be amended unless both parties agree to the changes. So be aware of this and the implications when you take on the responsibility of an agreement, especially with other people, as it could have huge implications for you down the road if you don’t understand what this entails.If both parties agree, the change should be recorded in w Tags: Tenancy, Rental, Property

The Tenancy Agreement

By Webdadi Ltd published on 09/04/2019  

You've found a rental property that is perfect for your needs and are looking to make it yours, now it’s time to get an agreement in place with the landlord. The tenancy agreement is a contract between you and your landlord. It may be written or oral. The tenancy agreement gives certain rights to both you and your landlord, for example, your right to occupy the accommodation and your lan Tags: Tenancy Agreement, Rental, Property

Renting To Family Members

By Webdadi Ltd published on 28/03/2019  

It may seem like a great solution if you have a property to rent out, but if you are thinking about renting out your buy-to-let property to a family member, you should you should take into account a number of considerations.Remember that a family relation doesn't necessarily translate to a model tenant, so we highly recommend that you still do the relevant checks you normally would on a non-fa Tags: Renting, Family

First Time Buyer Lifetime ISA Explained

By Webdadi Ltd published on 12/03/2019  

With the costs involved in buying your own property, there are plenty of products available to help you get on the housing ladder, one of these being the Lifetime ISA (LISA). It is a tax-free savings or investments account designed to help those aged 18-39 buy their first home or save for retirement.If you are renting a home and want to start saving, then the LISA is definitely worth taking a look Tags: Renting, First Time Buyer, Isa

Thinking About Renting Out Your Home?

By Webdadi Ltd published on 25/02/2019  

Whether it is the increased cost of moving house, the recession or the property market slump; each have equally contributed to more and more homeowners considering letting out their home rather than selling up.It might sound straight forward to get tenants in and go and live in your motor home for a year but there are numerous things to take into account when thinking about taking the plunge. We h Tags: Buy To Let, Renting

Moving Out Of Your Rental Property

By Webdadi Ltd published on 12/02/2019  

You are in the last few months of your tenancy agreement and it’s time to start thinking about moving out. You may have decided to move to a new rented property or it’s time to get on the property ladder but either way it’s time to start thinking about leaving your current home! It’s best to be organised and have a plan for things that you will need to do, here are some of Tags: Renting, Moving Out

Guard Against Losing Your Tenancy Deposit

By Webdadi Ltd published on 28/01/2019  

You’ve signed your tenancy agreement and are moving in to your new rental home, it’s an exciting time and you’ve no doubt worked hard to get there. It can be a quite a substantial sum of money that you have handed over so be smart about it and think about how you can be best placed to recoup that money at the end of your tenancy agreement.Wild parties might not be your style but Tags: Renting, Tenancy Agreement, Tips

Keeping Down The Cost Of Renting

By Webdadi Ltd published on 17/01/2019  

So, you’ve decided that you are going to rent a property or you are looking to move to a new rental home. Renting can sometimes get expensive, but it doesn’t need to be and there are certainly things that you can do to keep your costs to a minimum.We have put together some helpful tips on certain ways that you can save money when moving so that your dream rental property can become you Tags: Renting, Costs

Budgeting and Sharing Costs While Renting

By Webdadi Ltd published on 02/01/2019  

You may have been renting for years or this could be your first time, but especially in places like London it is extremely common to rent with friends or even strangers. One thing that you always need to be aware of is the financial implications of taking on a new lease and how this will work with the other people that you will be living with.It’s important to be organised with money when sh Tags: Budgeting, Renting

First Time Renting In London

By Webdadi Ltd published on 18/12/2018  

Renting a place to live in London has become increasingly popular over the past 20 years. In fact, it’s estimated that nearly 60% of Londoners will be renting by 2025 as opposed to owning a home. As a result of this huge demand for apartments and houses, the market is incredible competitive, and you have to be firmly on the ball when looking for a new place to live.In London the best time to Tags: Renting, London

The Right to Rent Policy - Are There Changes Afoot?

By Webdadi Ltd published on 24/08/2018  

One of things that you have to do as a landlord or letting agency is check that any potential tenant has the right to rent.In order to do this the tenant must produce an original document which prove that the person has the right to live in the UK. There are different types of acceptable documents for example:A British or EU PassportAn EU National Identity cardHome Office CertificateA naturalisati

What is a Section 21 Notice?

By Webdadi published on 09/08/2018  

A Section 21 Notice is an order under the Housing Act 1988. It is basically a notification to your tenants that you want your property back. This can be at the end of a fixed-term agreement or during a break clause built into the contract.This order can be issued if your tenants have a shorthold tenancy. This can be a fixed term-tenancy, which is one with a specific end date. Or, it can be a perio Tags: Section 21 Notice, Tenant, Property, EPC, Shorthold Tenancy

Landlord and Tenant Law - New 3 Year Tenancies a Possibility

By Webdadi published on 20/07/2018  

Tenants who rent property at the moment are normally asked to sign tenancy agreements for a six month or one-year period.However, plans are afoot to extend the minimum tenancy to three years. The government aim to talk about this new rule in August. MP’s who support the proposals say the new 3-year term will give tenants more security.They say that this would allow people to put down roots a Tags: Tenants, Rent, Property, Landlord, Tenant Law

What you need to clean at the end of your tenancy?

By Webdadi Ltd published on 06/07/2018  

When you leave your rented property at the end of your tenancy, you must leave it in the same condition as the day you moved in.The easiest way to make sure everything is clean and tidy, is to make a list. Start with each room and list what needs to be done. Check it off as you finish each job.The KitchenStart with cupboards and drawers. Empty them out give them a good clean. Before you put the co Tags: Tenancy, Rental, Property

What is a Tenancy Information Form?

By Webdadi Ltd published on 22/06/2018  

When you decide to look for a property to rent various checks need to be made. The rental agency may ask you to fill in a tenancy information form.The form you fill in will ask for details about your name, date of birth and current address. You will also have to give a previous address if you have lived at your current address less than around 5 or 6 years.If you are tenant when you apply, then fi Tags: Tenancy, Tenants, Renting, Property
Do you live in a rented property that has a garden? If you do take care that what you do with it doesn’t lead to a dispute over your deposit when you leave.Apparently, a lot of deposit disputes are over what a tenant has or hasn’t done to the garden. Make sure when you’re signing a tenancy agreement it has clauses which cover a garden, patio or entrance point.The agreement should Tags: Rentals, Properties, Garden, Deposit

The Assured Tenancy Agreement for Landlords

By published on 22/05/2018  

The tenancy agreement that’s most common is the Assured Shorthold Tenancy. You can rent out your property using this tenancy if you are a private landlord and you don’t live in the property.The accommodation needs to be your tenants main place of residence. Also, the agreement must have started on or after the 15th January 1989.The Tenancy AgreementThe agreement should have the followi Tags: Tenant, Landlord, Shorthold Tenancy, Property, Agreement

Rental Deposits – The Bad News and the Good

By Webdadi published on 08/05/2018  

Putting away money to save is hard, especially if you’re a young graduate in your first job. Even harder then is trying to find the deposit for your first home. The ideal is of course to be able to stay with your parents while you save up enough money for a deposit. This isn’t always possible though. Many young people must rely on their parents to help them out or go into debt by using Tags: Rental Deposits, Graduate, University, Government Plan, Tenant, Landlord
Have you been looking round at rental properties in Fulham? If you have then you’ll already know that there are documents, you need to produce to a prospective landlord. This is because landlords need to know that their tenants are responsible individuals. And, that they have enough money to pay the rent each month.One of things a landlord may do is to check your credit file. That’s wh Tags: Rental Properties, Credit Score, Landlord, Tenant, Experian, Callcredit, Equifax

How The New General Data Protection Regulations Impact Landlords

By Webdadi Ltd published on 10/04/2018  

On the 25th May 2018 a new piece of legislation comes into effect. It is called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It replaces the Data Protection Act 1998.It has been designed to set out standard rules with the European Union. And, even though Brexit is looming it will still apply to the UK after Brexit.Why does it affect Landlords?The new law effects anyone who handles or processes s Tags: GDPR, Landlords

Pet Owners and Rental Properties

By Webdadi Ltd published on 28/03/2018  

Are you one of the many people in London who is searching for a rental property that will accept pets? The truth is that finding somewhere that will take you and your furry friend isn’t easy.Currently a landlord has the right to enforce a ‘no animals’ policy in the rental agreement. But, if the Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party have their way this could change in the future. The Tags: Property, Pets, Renting

The New Band Rating for Rented Properties from April 2018

By Webdadi Ltd published on 15/03/2018  

If you’re a tenant in a rented property, then you should have a valid Energy Performance Certificate. An Energy Performance Certificate tells you how energy efficient your home is, and it comes in the form of a graph with ratings from A to G. A is the most energy efficient and G is the least.From this April (2018) all rented property must have a minimum energy rating of E. This means if you Tags: Renting, Property, EPC

7 Things You Should Know When You’re Renting a Property

By Datography Ltd published on 01/03/2018  

So, you’ve finally found a property you want to rent and now it’s time to sign the tenancy, pay your deposit and pick up the keys. Here’s a few things you’ll need to think about during the process.The DepositYou can ask your landlord to put your deposit into a secure tenancy scheme. In fact, if you have an assured tenancy then it is the landlord’s legal duty.There are Tags: Deposit, Inventory, Landlord, Tenant

Ending Your Tenancy

By Datography Ltd published on 14/02/2018  

If you want to give notice to your Landlord to end your tenancy agreement you must do so in a legal manner. If you don’t you could find yourself paying rent even though you don’t live in the property anymore. The first thing you must do is check what type of tenancy agreement you have. There are two types. A fixed term tenancy which means you have a date when the tenancy ends and a periodic tenanc Tags: Tenancy, Ending, Fixed Term, Periodic Tenancy

Saving for a Mortgage while you Rent – The Help to Buy ISA

By Datography Ltd published on 31/01/2018  

While you’re renting your property, there are ways that you can save money at the same time. If you want to be a homeowner in the future have a look at the Help to Buy ISA. The Help to Buy ISA If you’re going to be a first-time buyer, then a Help to Buy Isa is a good way of saving up for a deposit on a mortgage. In your first month you can pay in up to £1,200 and from then on, a maximum of £200 a

Getting Your Rental Property Up to Scratch

By Datography Ltd published on 17/01/2018  

If your rental property has just become available again after a long time you’ll be keen to get it shipshape to attract new tenants. Here’s some reminders of what might need doing: The Property in General Decorate the walls, you can use white throughout the property. It looks clean and it’s easy to maintain. Clean the windows and check the furniture for wear and tear. If things are looking a bit t Tags: Rental, Property, Re-Decorating, Interior, Exterior

How the Rental Exchange can Improve your Credit Rating

By Datography Ltd published on 03/01/2018  

If you decide to buy a home and you need a mortgage, your lender will look at your credit file. The file will show any credit you already have or have had in the past and how it was paid. If you have always paid your bills on time your credit rating should be good. If you have made a regular habit of paying later or you have County Court Judgments your credit rating will be poor. Nowadays, with sp Tags: Rental Exchange, Credit Rating, Experian

Why Putting your Rental Property into our Hands is a Good Decision

By Datography Ltd published on 20/12/2017  

When it comes to renting out your property you need to be sure that the company you choose to handle the management will give you excellent service. That’s why putting your property with a local Estate Agent is a good choice. You’ll get local knowledge and excellent service from someone you can contact by telephone or in person. Here at Peter Woods Letting Specialists we have three levels of servi Tags: Rental Market, Paperwork, Legalities, Managing, Dispute

What renters want and where they’re looking

By Datography Ltd published on 06/12/2017  

London has gone through vast changes in the last twenty or, so years and many run-down areas have been brought back to life with regeneration. This has brought in a new wave of people looking to rent from the private sector in gentrified neighbourhoods that were once ignored by young professionals. Access to transport has improved tremendously in the last few years and work is still being carried Tags: Areas, London, Tenants, Public Transport

How to Make Sure you get your Deposit Back at the end of your Tenancy

By Datography Ltd published on 22/11/2017  

If you have been living in rented accommodation and your lease has come to end, you’ll want to make sure you get your deposit back from your landlord or the rental agents. There are a few things you can do to make sure the landlord has no excuse to refuse it. Leave the accommodation in Good Condition You should always leave a rented property in the same condition it was in at the beginning of your Tags: Deposit, Landlord, Tenant

9 Things to Look for Before You Rent a Property

By Datography Ltd published on 09/11/2017  

Renting has become very popular in the past decade or so and when you’re looking for a rental property you need to remember although you don’t own the bricks and mortar it’s still going to be your home. Make sure it’s somewhere you’re going to be happy and comfortable living in by asking questions and making sure everything is as it should be before you sign the tenancy agreement. Location Before

About Leaseholds – What Is a Lease and What do you Pay for?

By Datography Ltd published on 25/10/2017  

If you’re looking around for a flat to buy then you’ll have come across the term ‘leasehold.’ Most flats and some houses are sold with a lease of 999 years or 99 years and there are older properties that have less than 99 years. Buying leasehold means that you do not own the land upon which the property is built. This is owned by the leaseholder. A leaseholder is normally responsible for common wa Tags: Leaseholds, Buying, Property

How the New Tax Restrictions Affect Landlords

By Datography Ltd published on 12/10/2017  

In April of this year, the tax changes which were announced previously for Landlord’s Tax Relief began. The changes will actually take place over a period of four years and tax relief will now be restricted to basic rate income tax. Whereas before the finance costs of Landlords were taken into consideration to work out profits, now they won’t. Instead, the income tax on your profits from your prop Tags: Landlords, Tax, Restrictions

Four Things to think about before you become a Landlord

By Datography Ltd published on 27/09/2017  

If you decide to buy a property to let out there are certain things you need to think about before you become a landlord. Your Tenants Before you pick your property think about the type of tenants you want to attract. If you want students then you should be looking for a property close to, or within travelling distance of a university or college, If you would prefer a young family then make sure y Tags: Landlord, Tenants, Property, Money, Responsibility

How to Choose your Buy to Let Property

By Datography Ltd published on 14/09/2017  

If you decide to invest in a buy to let property you might be overwhelmed by the number of properties on the market. Here are a few tips to make sure you pick the right property. The AreaIt is much easier to let a property if it is in an area with good transport connections. If you want to attract young families, then choose somewhere near to schools with easy access to local shops. If you want to Tags: Buy-To- Let, Invest, Area, Value

Take the Stress Out of Moving Day with our Packing Tips

By Datography Ltd published on 29/08/2017  

Moving is exciting but it can be stressful, especially when it comes down to packing. Whether you live in a small or a large home you can beat that overwhelmed feeling if you get organised within plenty of time. Here are some tips to help you. MaterialsBefore you start packing make sure you’ve got everything you need. There’s nothing more frustrating than setting time aside to do a job and then ha Tags: Packing, Moving, Tips,

How to Ensure Your Website Stays Attractive

By Datography Ltd published on 11/08/2017  

We have upgraded our website with a brand new look thanks to Webdadi Ltd. There’s a lot to think about when you’re maintaining a web page, especially one that’s in a high competition field like the property market so we wanted to share some of the information we learnt in regards to the importance of having an attractive new site. Design and ContentThe design should make the site easy for a reader Tags: Attractive, Website, Design, Content, Maintenance, Visuals
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